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  Division II

We still consider the pubs in division II as above average. They're here because they either score average marks in all categories, or may score well in a few categories but have some shortcomings (such as high price). Many of these bars (particularly the Irish pubs) tend not to be the wildest places in town, but are more often relaxing places to have a quiet, but decent, pint. There are also a few extremely lively places here, but many of these are far more expensive than the bars in the top two divisions.

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Carr's1 rue du Mont Thabor 75001 01 4260 6026 Tuileries
Chao Ba22 bd de Clichy 75018 01 4606 7290 Pigalle
Footsie10-12 rue Daunou 75002 01 4260 0720 Opéra
O'Brien's77 rue St. Dominique 75007 01 4551 7587 Invalides
Pandora Station24 rue Fontaine 75009 01 4526 2411 Blanche
Harry's New York Bar5 rue Daunou 75002 01 4261 7114 Opéra
Le Petit Fer √† Cheval30 rue Vieille du Temple 75004 01 4272 4747 H√ītel de Ville
Web Bar32 rue de Picardie 75003 01 4272 6655 Filles du Calvaire
The Oscar Wilde38 rue Bordonnais 75001 01 4221 0363 Ch√Ętelet
L'Entrepot14 rue de Charonne 75011 01 4806 5704 Ledru Rollin
Les Trois Mailletz56 rue Galande 75005 01 4354 0079 St. Michel
Pop In105 rue Amelot 75011 St. Sébastien Froissant