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The Frog & Princess

9 rue Princesse
75006 Paris

The Frog & Princess website


The second English Firkin style pub from the Frog & Rosbif people. The decor is lavish, with copper brewing vats and an impressive bar - somewhat reminiscent of O'Niel's (Division IV) round the corner. The Frog & Princess logo tends to give the place a bit of a Disneyland look. Whereas the original Frog offered us a selection of it's homebrewed ales alongside Guinness and well known Lagers on tap, here they've taken the concept one step further by offering ONLY homebrewed ale, stout, and lager. Can be lively at weekends.
Metro: Duroc
Phone:  01 4051 7738
Opening hours: 17.30 - 02:00 (12:00 - 02:00 Sat-Sun)
Happy hours: 17:30 - 20:00
Category ScoreScaling Points
Worst ambience: 40.5 2
Best ambience: 80.5 4
Beer: 616
Clientele : 717
Staff: 717
Wines / Spirits: 50.52.5
Cheapest non-HH pint: € 5.50*15
TOTAL:   33.5

Division 1, Pos 4

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