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Le Cristal

163 av de Suffren
75015 Paris


The two most appealing things about this pub used to be the terrace, bathed in sunshine all afternoon, and the price of beer, only 19F60 a pint. However, it has recently been refurbished, which means that the old terrace is now part of the interior, as a result it is less busy than it used to be, hence its demise in the ratings. Happy hour is between 6pm and 8pm and was an ideal place to cool down after work during the summer. Its remoteness from any other similarly lively venue in the vicinity attracts a young and local clientel. The closest thing to a French Pub I've seen. Be careful to set your watches to the pub clock during happy hour. Food: panini & snacks.
Metro: Sèvres Lecourbe
Phone:  01 4734 4792
Opening hours: 1600-0200
Happy hours: 1800-2000 (+15cl)
Category ScoreScaling Points
Worst ambience: 40.5 2
Best ambience: 80.5 4
Beer: 515
Clientele : 616
Staff: 515
Wines / Spirits: 20.51
Cheapest non-HH pint: € 3.05*18
TOTAL:   31

Division 2, Pos 6

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