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Pandora Station

24 rue Fontaine
75009 Paris


Fun but pricey bar that hardly shuts at weekends. The décor, which includes bar stools fashioned like human legs with shorts round their ankles, is entertaining. For some reason the format changes from time-to-time, and now there is an area taken up by a DJ. Hopefully, both DJ and music will soon change. Has been in our premier league, but its rating has dropped due to the new format and its effect on the clientele. Food, summer terrace.
Metro: Blanche
Phone:  01 4526 2411
Opening hours: 1800-0200 0400-1000 Sa Su
Happy hours: 1800-2200
Category ScoreScaling Points
Worst ambience: 50.5 2.5
Best ambience: 90.5 4.5
Beer: 515
Clientele : 515
Staff: 616
Wines / Spirits: 70.53.5
Cheapest non-HH pint: € 6.86*13
TOTAL:   29.5

Division 2, Pos 17

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