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Le Sans Sanz

49 rue du Faubourg
St. Antoine

75011 Paris


Excellent French bar in the Bastille that's positively heaving at weekends. The crowd is cosmopolitan, young, and friendly. DJs spin the disks, while the crowd enjoys the music and drinks. The bar staff have a great time dancing and banging the symbol lampshades. It is extremely hot even in cold March weather, so can be unbearable in summer. Other reviewers have reported a difficult door policy, but neither I nor anyone I know have noticed this (though I have in many other places!). During the day there is food in a more relaxed atmosphere.
Metro: Bastille
Phone:  01 4457 787
Opening hours: 08:30 - 02:00 Mon-Fri
12:00 - 02:00 Sat-Sun

Happy hours: N/A
Category ScoreScaling Points
Worst ambience: 50.5 2.5
Best ambience: 100.5 5
Beer: 515
Clientele : 818
Staff: 919
Wines / Spirits: 40.52
Cheapest non-HH pint: € 4.57*16
TOTAL:   37.5

Premier Division, Pos 5

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