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Area: Bastille

Metro Stations

Bastille, Ledru Rollin



One of the few areas of paris where the French like to go out pub-crawling (so there is quite often bouncers on the doors). Lots of little bars with various themes (not so good to meet up or move about in large groups). Always busy on the weekends (the cab drivers know this too, so there's rarely a problem getting home after the last Metro).

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L'Interdit21 rue de Charonne 75011 01 4806 3486 Bastille
Le Lèche vin13 rue Daval 75011 01 4355 9891 Bastille
Megalo Bar6 rue de Lappe 75011 01 4805 0512 Bastille
Que Pasa3 rue de Lappe 75011 01 4806 6778 Bastille
Le Réservoir16 rue de la forge royale 75011 01 4356 39xx Ledru Rollin
Le Sans Sanz49 rue du Faubourg
St. Antoine
75011 01 4457 787 Bastille
Some Girls43 rue de Lappe 75011 01 4806 4033 Bastille
Le Syndicatrue Keller 75011 N/A Ledru Rollin
What's Up Bar15 rue Daval 75011 01 4805 4781 Bastille